The last 5 minutes of this is some of the most intense and beautiful music I think I’ve ever heard.

Tickets booked for the show at the Barbican. October can’t come soon enough.

Something I am enjoying.

Trying to think back across all the fantastic, creatively inspiring performances from my favourite films of his for something to post and for whatever reason, I keep coming back to this.

Genuinely saddened. RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Currently my most anticipated release of 2014.
Waiting for the pre-order is killing me!

// Something I’m enjoying.

A real heartbreaker.

Last night we saw Owen play in Nottingham. It was fantastic.

I was staggered to realize the last time I saw him play was 8 years ago in Sheffield and Pontefract.

Still, a nice wave of nostalgia and a great show.

Just perfect.

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Some things I have listened to and enjoyed today/this week.

Factory Floor